Вопрос 1 из 45
1. I ___ a teacher.
am are be is
Вопрос 2 из 45
2. ___ two sons.
She have She is She get She has got
Вопрос 3 из 45
3. He ___ like basketball.
doesn't not don't do not
Вопрос 4 из 45
4. I'm reading. What ___ doing?
you are you are you are
Вопрос 5 из 45
5. ___ he go for a walk every evening?
Does Has Is Do
Вопрос 6 из 45
6. ___ some apples in the plastic bag.
It is There is There are There isn't
Вопрос 7 из 45
7. There isn't ___ fruit in the shop.
some any the
Вопрос 8 из 45
8. ___ you play chess?
Are Can Know Have
Вопрос 9 из 45
9. What are you doing now? I___ a letter.
is writing be writing write am writing
Вопрос 10 из 45
10. Do you like ___ there?
to working working worked work
Вопрос 11 из 45
11. I ___ to Ann's party last week.
gone went was
Вопрос 12 из 45
12. Why ___ yesterday?
were you late you were late you lated you was late
Вопрос 13 из 45
13. Mike ___ to visit his parents on Sunday.
can wil is going must
Вопрос 14 из 45
14. Kate is good at maths but Jack is ___.
good badly better well
Вопрос 15 из 45
15. Nick ___ this film.
seen already already seen has already seen have already seen
Вопрос 16 из 45
16. I've been working for "Mr. Z and Co" ___ last summer.
from for until since
Вопрос 17 из 45
17. I ___ on this project for two months.
am working worked have been working was working
Вопрос 18 из 45
18. I ___ go to the "Astoria" restaurant but I don't any more.
used to did use am used use
Вопрос 19 из 45
19. Mike doesn't like school and___.
neither I do so do I neither do I so I do
Вопрос 20 из 45
20. I went to the doctor's yesterday and I ___ for half an hour.
must wait had to wait had wait should wait
Вопрос 21 из 45
21. I ___ a newspaper last night when my friend rang.
have been reading read have read was reading
Вопрос 22 из 45
22. There was a robbery at the bank and all the money ___.
was stealing stolen was stolen was being stolen
Вопрос 23 из 45
23. I ___ to New Zealand on business every year.
am being send am sent am send be send
Вопрос 24 из 45
24. Unless ___ hard, he'll fail the exam.
he'll work he works he worked he'd work
Вопрос 25 из 45
25. If I were you, ___ skipping classes.
I stopped I'll stop I stop I'd stop
Вопрос 26 из 45
26. He liked the party, ___ ?
isn't he didn’t he hasn't he doesn't he
Вопрос 27 из 45
27. I tried hard ___ my visa done in time.
to get for getting for to getting
Вопрос 28 из 45
28. When I came to my friend's place, Helen ___.
had already left already left was already left would already leave
Вопрос 29 из 45
29. After ___ his report he was back to work.
write to write wrote writing
Вопрос 30 из 45
30. I ___ go away next week.
would like like like to would like to
Вопрос 31 из 45
31. If he ___ this before, nothing bad would have happened.
said had said would said would have said
Вопрос 32 из 45
32. If I had asked the way, I ___got lost.
wouldn't have hadn't not have won't have
Вопрос 33 из 45
33. You ___ your homework before you came to the lesson!
should do should have done should be done should be doing
Вопрос 34 из 45
34. By next year she ___ a mother.
had become will become will have become has become
Вопрос 35 из 45
35. I've called him but no one picked up the phone. He ___ out.
must be will be can be needs to be
Вопрос 36 из 45
36. I'm thinking ___ out with him next Sunday.
for going to go of going I go
Вопрос 37 из 45
37. Would you mind ___ the door?
to shut shutting shut going to shut
Вопрос 38 из 45
38. He didn't even notice me when passing by. He ___ in a hurry.
must have been had to be might to be should have been
Вопрос 39 из 45
39. ___ two tickets for the cinema.
I'm given They're given I've been given I've given
Вопрос 40 из 45
40. I've been sitting at home ___.
for myself by myself in my own only myself
Вопрос 41 из 45
41. I'm looking forward ___ you again.
to see seeing to seeing of seeing
Вопрос 42 из 45
42. I wish I ___ that.
didn't say not say hadn't said don't say
Вопрос 43 из 45
43. In spite of ___ young she was very intelligent.
she was her she's being
Вопрос 44 из 45
44. Providing that ___ there, he will earn enough to buy a bike.
he'll work he'll be working he works he's working
Вопрос 45 из 45
45. He suffers ___ her absence more than he'd like us to think.
from on
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